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office space

When our offices were based in Florida, I lived in the Corporate Condo, and whenever the CEO and COO would come into town, once or twice a month, they would stay at the condo with me. Since I don’t do well living with other people, this arrangement was great, when no one else was in [...]

musings of an ex-volunteer firefighter

This can alternately be titled “musings of a retired volunteer firefighter.” Either way, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment to say it like that, like I actually served as a firefighter in a meaningful capacity, and didn’t just run away screaming after my first contact with a(n albeit controlled) fire situation. Despite my fear [...]

oh, the joys of online dating, part II

Today you will come along with me as I review my Daily Matches. Bachelor #1: As if the scary scowl and facial hair weren’t enough to scare me away, he smokes daily and does Civil War Reinactments Who smokes? Who does Civil War Reinactments? Plus, he never drinks. How can you smoke and do Civil [...]

(just gonna) stand there and watch me burn

Show and Tell, according to Wikipedia, is the process of showing an audience something and telling them about it, and is usually done in a classroom as an early elementary school technique for teaching young children the skills of public speaking. Show and Tell, according to me, was a God-given opportunity to show my most [...]

oh the joys of online dating

Every morning, sends me my seven daily matches. Are they kidding? Who exactly is doing the matching? With the gems I find in my box, I have to seriously question the ability of whoever is doing the matching to match even a pair of socks. Do they really think I’d like any of these [...]

how to win friends and influence children

When I go home to my parent’s house for Christmas, I stay in my old bedroom.  All my old stuff is in there, I like the bed, and it’s just … my room.  Unfortunately, there is also some sort of video game attached to the otherwise non-working television in there, which makes it the room [...]

little ditty about Craig and Diane

Growing up as a family of six, we did a lot of things together, but some things were harder to do completely together than others. White Water Rafting, for example, was a problem to do completely together, since only four people could fit into a raft, leaving two people the odd men out. While four [...]

being john malkovich

I’m sitting in my office … the back office, with the big window, with a view of the ocean – you know, that one … and I hear the door of the main office open, and an old woman begins speaking to Sue, whose desk is in the reception area. Old people often wander in [...]

cold and horny

There’s a little more to the “to pee or not to pee” story that I left out.  Remember how I said that the Lil Pisser managed not to get the crap beat out of him that night?  Well, here’s how. First a little more backstory.  After a great day of riding at the Taiba Lagoon, [...]

the little pisser

Today’s Crossfit Workout is named: “Drinking from the Firehose.” I’m not sure why, since there is no drinking and no creative use of a firehose as one of the exercises, but I like the name. It reminds me of a team rider we once had. We called him “The Little Pisser” because once when we [...]