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La Ventana Classic

Registration Day Registration was held at Palapas Ventana at 7pm Wednesday night, and as the margaritas and cervesas were flowing, Neil Hutchinson welcomed all the riders while holding our first skippers meeting. This year there are more registrants than ever before, and the forecast is looking great for this weekend! Day 1 Today Trisha Smith, [...]

Lord of the Wind Showdown

Registration Day… Registration day was held all day Wednesday at the beautiful Palmas de Cortez Hotel here in Los Barilles. What a turn out with over 80 competitors of windsurfers and kiteboarders! The events scheduled include expert, amateurs and masters with male and female divisions in Course Racing, Downwind Slalom, and Big Air! This event [...]

Executive’s Club

Kiteboarding is an amazing sport.  Exhilarating, energizing, fun and fabulous.  Ok, ok – I am not telling you guys anything you don’t already know…. As a result of my in depth analyzation of the sport, it’s participants, our wants and needs I have come up with a new concept for the kite school here in [...]

KB4K – a charity event for all ages

Kiteboarding 4 Kids: A charity event for all ages The 2010 Kiteboarding 4 Kids (the 2nd annual) was a massive and overwhelming success.  Using a kiteboarding contest as our vehicle we raised over 20,000 USD in cash to donate to local Dominican charities. KB4K is a special type of event because it’s one of the [...]

East Coast Demo Tour – Block Is, NY, NJ

We had a great week in Shippagan Canada we headed south back into the US for our first stop in Rhode Island. We based ourselves in Newport and took the ferry across to Block Island, where we were demoing new kites with Nick at Diamond Blue Kiteboarding. We were impressed with the variety of spots [...]

KPWT Shippagan, Canada

The KPWT event in Shippagan, Canada was the first world tour event to be held in North America, and I was stoked to be a part of it! We drove up 20 hours from Buffalo for the event, and it was great having a vehicle to travel around and sleep in. The different disciplines were [...]

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After our first demo in Kingston we headed a few hours north into Montreal. Unfortunately, the weekend’s forecast was not calling for any wind, but we had some people come out to check out the kites and enjoy the warm weather. Oka was our first stop in this area, and it was located at a [...]

East Coast Demo Tour – Kingston

After a hectic few weeks of organizing demo stops, ordering decals and building up the inside of our new 1986 Ford van, Kris and I have managed to finish right on schedule. The new gear arrived and we hit the road to start our east coast demo tour. We set off early Thursday morning for [...]


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From Kenya to Oman

It has been a busy few months since my last entry. After South Africa, Kris and I drove north through Mozambique to Kenya to catch the end of the monsoon winds. Consistent wind, turquoise water and stunning beaches made a great end to our Africa adventure. During the trip kited in some amazing places and [...]