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Change of Pace

Right now Im out in San Francisco gearing up for a trip Ill be taking over the next two months. Ill be taking a break from kiting, and bicycling across the country with a friend to raise money for the charity Simply Smiles. The biking thing is really new to me and this idea only [...]

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Yesterday’s demo went great. We ended up getting wind in the afternoon and lots of people got out on the new gear. Everyone was really stoked and had a great time riding. I got to get on the water as well and Jim Stringfellow was out shooting. Just put some new pictures up on my [...]

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Motion Boardshop and Best Kiteboarding are putting on a demo and clinic at Jetty Island in Seattle, Wa. Ill be running the demo, and helping people dial in their freestyle and sliders. There will also be a strapless demo run by Nick Ward. It starts this Friday and goes through Sunday. Should be a great [...]

Ro Sham

The Ro Sham event went off this year in Hood River OR. The qualifiers aloud 10 riders into the main event which made it 3 10 man heats with 2 riders advancing into the finals. I was in heat 1 with a bunch of solid riders including Prest, Dre, Brandon, tom and serveral other. The [...]

Final Day Ro-Sham Throw Down

Today was the last day of the 2011 Ro-Sham Throw Down. The entire event was really fun and had a ton of great riders. The Slider Project did a great job hosting and putting together the event. Yesterday we had the first three semi-finals, and unfortunately I didn’t make it through to the finals, but [...]

Back on the water in Hood

Since I’ve been back in Hood we have been helping out the slider project crew getting all the slider prepped and painted. Best has sponsored one of the gnarlyest rails this year at rosham. It’s a box to a gap to a single bar hand rail. Pretty scary looking but I think it’s going to [...]

Ro-Sham Throw Down Day 1

Im out here in the gorge for the Ro-Sham Throw Down. All the guys are out here including some of the Best Team. We got in Monday, and have been busy setting up the Best hand rail. The thing is gonna be sick for sure. Today we had the first qualifying round, with most the [...]

En Route to Hood River

Well after a few weeks at home after the Triple S event it’s time to head back out on the road. I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks at home to visit family and friends and make alittle money working teaching kiteboarding with I’ve headed out to Hood river to meet up with [...]