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Kiteboarding is an amazing sport.  Exhilarating, energizing, fun and fabulous.  Ok, ok - I am not telling you guys anything you don't already know....

As a result of my in depth analyzation of the sport, it's participants, our wants and needs I have come up with a new concept for the kite school here in Cabarete.  It's a service directed towards riders who really want to kite, but are REALLY busy.

This is for people who run businesses, investments, families - people who want and need to escape and rush of kiting but don't necessarily have the time to mess around with the rest.

Please have a look below and I would love to hear your feedback and of course if you are keen to come down to Cabarete and let my team do the hard work, so you can focus on the fun, you are more than welcome.

And so, I am delighted to present:

The Cabarete Executive's Kiteboarding Club: A brand new service for the busy kiteboarding elite of Cabarete

Membership includes:

- Equipment storage
- Phone call/text message/Skype IM/email when the wind picks up/dies down
- Rigging and pre-flight check of your kite and bar
- Gear pack down after your session
- VIP repair service if ever needed
- LEK lycra
- Complimentary water and coffee
- Free wifi on site so you will always be connected
- Ability to open an LEK account to run a tab for any drinks, gifts, lessons, gear etc

This exclusive service is available to VIP visitors on a weekly basis, and to busy Cabarete residents who are fully engaged in their businesses and investments but still want to enjoy kiteboarding without losing precious time.

Our service obsessed LEK team contacts you when the wind is up and you just let us know when to have your equipment ready. All you have to do is keep your kiting clothes/towel in your car, show up at LEK and change, take your harness and board from our staff member, pick up your bar and launch! After your session just hand your bar over to our team, they pack up and you can either relax with a post-session drink amongst the other kiters or be straight back to your work or family.

For more information including weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual rates please contact us:

skype: lekcabarete
landline: +1-809-571-0564
mobile +1-809-853-8466
address: Millennium (between Ocean Dream and Vista del Oro on Cabarete Bay)

See you on the water very soon!

The Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding (LEK Cabarete) team

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Comment from Jono
Time April 19, 2010 at 2:07 pm

I live in the US and travel just for kitting. I like the concept of your VIP service. What is the format and cost
for someone who lives in another country but would come as much as possible when the wind is good!
Thank you!

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