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Back on the Road

Triple S is over and was a great time! Really fun getting to ride with all the guys and  see the sport progress. Congrats to all the winners everyone's riding was sick! Now Im back on the road for a bit. At the moment Im in Charleston, SC. And in two weeks Ill be headed to the west coast for the Ro Sham Throw Down. Heres the last video from the event, stoked to go back next year!

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Last Day of Triple S

The last two days have been pretty crazy. Lots of riding for sure. Yesterday we were at the beach all day riding the waves, and then when we got back to real a few of us had a really lit wakestyle session in the slick. Today had a late start but then was freestyle all afternoon, and then park runs on all the features later in the day. I had a lot of fun. Stoked for next year! Now were off the the awards and closing party. Check out yesterdays session report.

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Triple S Day 5

The Triple S has wind! Yesterday we had an awesome session up in the real slick, with all the features set up. All the riders were riding really well and throwing some really sick stuff on the rails and kickers. I had a lot of fun trying some new things on the kicker, and landed a really nice Shifty 5. Today we will head to the surf around noon and try to get a bit of wave riding in. Should be fun. Another dock session later! Looks like more wind tomorrow too!

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Triple S day 3

Triple S day 3 another day of wakeboarding! We switched up the rails in the boat basin and session that through the afternoon and evening. Latest forecast isn’t looking amazing but looks like Wed, Thurs, Fri are going to be cranking southwest so we should be able to get some riding in on the water. Check out the action

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Triple S Day 2

The second day of Triple S and the wind decided not to show up again... It was abit of a let down as it was my 21 birthday and I would have loved to have gotten out on the water kiteboarding but what can you do. So once again we set up the sliders and began to session all afternoon and into the evening. I got a few really got hits and was overall stoked on my session. Finished the night off with a round of beer pong with the whole bestkiteboarding crew and a home made cake from the girls at the “Delta Sorority” Can’t complain great way to spend my 21st birthday, good friends and good vibes. Check out the action

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Triple S Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the 2011 Triple S invitational event. The winds were pretty light all day so there was alot of wakeboarding going on. We had two rails set up in the sound which we session behind a seadoo and then the Best roof top rail was set up in the boat basin at real watersports. Tons of great hits on the features and the party kicked off on the deck at real with a Redbull DJ spin and an autograph sign to sum everything up. Winds not looking amazing for tomorrow but we will see what happens, either way tomorrow is June 5th, my birthday! 21 tomorrow scary! Check out the video!

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Hatteras Team Meeting

I’ve been in Hatteras now for just over a month. I’ve moved out of my house in Avon and checked into the Best kiteboarding team house. We have our whole team here for the next 2 weeks. We have world champion kite race and professional photographer Adam Koch here to shoot. We are shooting photo and video everyday on the 2012 products, the gear is amazing! Saturday June 4th is the start of the Triple S. Stoked to be riding again this year in the Triple S and especially excited to have our entire company and team here to watch the event. Updates to come on the Triple S!

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Hello Cape Hatteras! Well after 3 surgeries and 4 months of zero riding I'm back on the water and have never been happier! I headed down to Hatteras with photographer Josh Pietras  We are here for the next 7 weeks tll after the Triple S! Winds have been light so far but managed to score a session yesterday. Feeling alittle rusty on the water but getting everything back slowly but surely. Here a couple shots of what we have been up the past week!

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Plastic Surgery

Well looks like my Hernia repair surgery wasn’t my last. I had a problem with the original surgery that was done on my finger in Maui. The nail began to grow back in but as an ingrown nail so I had to have it removed because I wasn’t able to hold my bar or car steering wheel without any pain. So back into the hospital I went and had a plastic surgery cut my finger back open and remove the nail and also scrap the bone to remove any remaining nail fallacies. So now I have 7 stitches in my right hand again! I’m off to Hatteras April 25th to help out with SBC kiteboard magazines kite testing but not sure how much riding I’ll be doing as I will still have stitches in till the start of May. Either way stoked to get to Hatteras and get my riding legs back, it’s been 4 months since I rode on water can’t wait to session again.

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New Nemesis Hp

Kite is SICK! Had a session the other day started on the 12m and then went to the 10m. Really stoked with both, Best really brought back the feeling of the kites that I love! the 12m loops no problem, and the 10 of course does just the same. Really solid kite, no back stall, no nothing, just all around sick! Pictures to come soon.

I want to go kiting again,


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