Buloaroo 2010 Severe Problems

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Buloaroo 2010 Severe Problems

Postby pcatran » Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:00 pm

Hi All,

I regret to come forward with this issue, but maybe you can help. :bicker:

I purchased the Bularoo in October 2010 less than 6 months from today.
I Bought it online and had it delivered to my brother's hotel in NY, who bringed it to Brasil by plane.

The kite was perfect until the 5th session, when the briddle wraped around the leading board, and I had to fix it BRL$ 300 (US$150) !!

Then, after the 10 th session, the chicken loop line broke, and I had to replace it with my local Best rep. +BRL$ 120 (US$ 60).

Now, the 4 bladders including the leading edge have micro-holes in it. All at the same time!
The local Best rep store employee told me that the 2010 bularoos bladders had severe problems and that he was obliged to change bladders from +20 kites that had problems.

Now: what should I do?

1. would Best help me in any way, performing a RECALL fix on my kite?
2. I assure you I am a regular weekends amateur kitesurfer - not beginner and not pro. No more than 20 sessions have been done with the new kite!!!
3. My last Waroo 2007 lasted me for 3 years without no fixes.
4. Wouldnt my 2010 Bularoo maybe siffered a manufacture problem?
5. How can I solve this from Brasil?
6. Would the local rep be able to do the rapaires without charging me?
7. I can give you the Original Invoice and my kite serial number.
8. The alternative is to fix the kite, sell it and buy a new one. But then another new Best customer would also be discontent.

Thanks, Paulo
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