2011 7.5m Kahoona V3 review

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2011 7.5m Kahoona V3 review

Postby oceanriderz » Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:45 pm

Kite: 2011 Kahoona V3 7.5 M
Bar: 50 CM Best bar w 20 M line set
Board Spacekraft 5'1'' surfboard
Rider weight 210
Winds- 20-25+mph

I have had this kite in my quiver waiting for some good winds and got to ride it a few sessions a few weeks ago and last week and have to say that the Kahoona 7.5m is a fun kite to ride in the surf and with a twin tip.

This kite is more like an 8m in low end but has a good range. As with smaller kites it likes to be powered up. I think that I could hold it down in some even higher winds so waiting to see what nature can come up with. Where I live typical winds are like 14-17mph and sometimes 17-20+, when the wind is like 20-25 for me is when the 7.5m is coming out of the bag. Someone smaller could get out on the lower wind range of course.

When you are out in overhead surf and you turn towards the kite it just sits there, waiting for your input.
Of course it helps that the winds are good, but unlike some other kites you aren’t always edging against it to make it stay in the air. If it does start to luff usually a quick pull on the front lines brings it back up.

Liked the way I could cruise down the face and make some sections without worrying that the kite is going to fall out on slack lines.
The 2011 Kahoona V3 is fast in the window, fast turning and overall a great kite for both cruising, wake learning new tricks (easy re-launch) and wave riding. I would like to get some sessions on the new 2011 9.5m too
The Kahoona has a wide wind range, which is good too.
Will get some pictures up soon.
7.5m Kahoona V3 '11
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