BEST GP, could this be the BEST kite ever..

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BEST GP, could this be the BEST kite ever..

Postby jezmondo » Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:04 am

Going back to my routes with a C Kite was both exciting and frightening, having just received my new GP's 11m, 9m and 6m where better to be than Cumbuco Brazil to putting them through their paces...

Peeps were on 7's and 10's so was an easy decision for the 9m. Everything was great right out of the bag, the one pump system worked very nicely and it was obvious (to me anyway) that BEST had pulled there socks up with the the quality. (Lets be honest BEST haven't had the standards of North, Cabrinha, RRD and Flexi over the past few years. ) All change now though, the kite feels strong and the stitching is very tidy with plenty of re-inforcement. Don't get me started on the graphics... its so time for kites to start upping the banter with some fingers sticking up and gold chains going down, quite simply the kite looks awesome. The bar had me slightly worried on inspection, I like an easy to use de-power, single bit of rope with a cleet, easy. Here I find myself with 5 lines and all kinds of straps to pull. I like the fact that you get a spare 5m set of lines to add if you feel its needed, nice touch. The CL is nice and large with the option of a donkey willie although the quick release is a little large for me. Ok so thats a quick first impression. So now flying it.

There are so many words that can describe this kite but the one obvious one that stands out a mile on first flight is... STABLE. Being used to a bridle system with 'pullies' flying the GP was another level of power. Being a bit of Kite Loop fan to say the least this was one of the most exciting prospects of the good old C kite experience. I couldn't help myself but pull one on my first jump.... Hooked in, about 20 foot off the water the kite turned and I had that feeling that I hadn't had in a long time. WANNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG. Having not ridden a C kite for a while I was used to not using a lot of pressure to get the loop over and done with so I pulled on the bar in the same way, resulting in one frigging massive MEGGA loop, the kite loops much slower and with so much more power and aggression. I love it. Unhooked is where the kite is at its best, as I said before so stable, when going for a handle pass the kite just sits there and doesn't have that recoil feel that so many kites have, I guess due to the 'pullies' which this doesn't have. Hangtime, surprisingly good with a lovely floaty feel about it, leaving plenty of time to get that board back on your feet from those fun board offs.

Thats just a few words on first flight, I'm not sold on the depower set up but maybe after a few more hours on the water it might win me over. Its already blowing so time to go kiting... I add some pics/movies shortly. Over and out. Jezmondo.
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Re: BEST GP, could this be the BEST kite ever..

Postby Hug'eau » Sat Nov 26, 2011 2:30 pm

Nice review ;)

What do you think about the 9m low end ? Is it as powerful as a SLE kite ?
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Re: BEST GP, could this be the BEST kite ever..

Postby tonyb » Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:45 pm

I've been out on an 11 GP a couple of times this past week in SPI in flatwater, 15 to 18 mph conditions, Aramada 134cm board and the low end seems pretty good. Lots of people out on 12's, 14's, 15's and 17's of various makes and I was staying upwind just fine on the GP.

The two main things I like about the GP is how predictable it is and how it loops in a controlled manner. I don't have a handle pass yet but it feels like if I'm ever going to make it this is the kite to do it on. Very confidence inspiring and a blast to ride. I've been nailing hooked and unhooked back roll kiteloops and getting quite a bit more height than I was trying on my Taboo's. Sent hooked in kiteloops are incredible on the GP! I was getting enough height and a quick enough loop that the 11m was catching me and setting me down soft numerous times yesterday. I could only get that to work on the 8m Taboo before!

Unhooked pop is very good and it feels like my raleys have already improved with more height and more time in the air with the kite staying down low for me.

It doesn't have the straight up jumping height of the Nemesis HP but the way it loops and handles unhooked is worth the small sacrifice in height for me.

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Re: BEST GP, could this be the BEST kite ever..

Postby pom4ek » Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:08 pm

The question more to the Pro in unhooked. Which of the leading edge attachment points preferable to training the Handle-passes and megaloops (9m) on 11, 9 meter GP.

P.S. Sorry for my English =(
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