TS vs GP

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TS vs GP

Postby Hug'eau » Sat Nov 26, 2011 2:49 pm

Hey guys,

I would love to know the differences between the TS and GP, especially in unhooked freestyle mode.
Is the GP really better than the TS for unhooked freestyle ?
And what about the low end ? For example, the TS and GP (in 9m) are announced starting at 16 knots. Is the GP really as powerful as the TS ?

I've already ordered a 7m TS for strong wind but i'm hesitating between the TS and the GP for my 9m...

Thanks in advance,
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Re: TS vs GP

Postby sethe78 » Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:46 pm

I was really impressed with the low end of the 13 M gp. It had more low end than the 12 TS, significantly more. Straight comparison 9 to 9. I couldn't answer that. I personally am going with a TS because of the added depower, added ability to take gust and forgiveness while riding waves. I'm just not feeling the 5th line when I see a wave getting ready to eat my kite up.

That being said, I'm not throwing handle passes either. The TS gives me the flexibility to ride waves, flats and ride higher into the wind ranges.

My boys are going for GPs hands down. They spend most of their riding in boots and unhooked. The GP was super stable with lots of pop and generated a massive amount of apparent wind. The slack in the lines kept them pushing themselves all day long. If you are going for freestyle and want to push your progression, get the GP. It launches super easy and doesn't try to fold up on you either, which is what I feel a lot of 5th line kites do. Especailly the C kites.

Either way you can't go wrong, two of the best kites I've ridden in a long time.
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Re: TS vs GP

Postby john a » Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:24 am

I´ve ridden the 9 TS and 9 GP back to back the same day.
The TS is a very good all round kite with a good low end. It seems to me to maybe a little more pull than the GP, but there is not a much of difference. The GP will pull more in turns so you can still generate a lot of power from it. The GP has a good low end, but that is for a C kite, it´s not like the Kahoona that it pulls like a one size bigger kite. But it´s got a lot of lift, and is powerfull if you stear it hard.
I would say the TS is a more gentle and easier to fly kite. There´s a lot more bar pressure on the GP. The TS is more playfull, and the GP will be easier to keep still.
The TS is sure good for unhooking as well, but nothing comes quite close to the GP. It´s super stable and has a lot of slack. But it´s not as allround as the TS. So it really depends what is the most important thing for you...
The GP has a more aggressive pop than the TS.
If you are all about handle passes the GP would be your dream kite, but if you prefer more all round freeride and some unhooked stuff, I think you would like the TS more. The TS is simply more user friendly. It´s got a lot of depower for a C, but it still behaves like a C. You should really try them both if you can, be course it´s really down to a matter of taste. They feel very different and are both very very nice kites...
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Re: TS vs GP

Postby Hug'eau » Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:02 am

Thanks guys for your replies :grin:
Finally, i went on a 7m TS + 9m GP quiver (and maybe an extra 11m GP, depending on the low end of the 9m).
I've ridden my 7m TS two times, sooo stable in strong and gusty wind, awesome for massive kiteloops, jumps really good, not bad in unhooked :grin: :grin:

I'm looking forward to some good conditions to try my 9m GP, will give you my feedback.

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