Nemesis V3 Vs TS : Stability

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Nemesis V3 Vs TS : Stability

Postby jumarcil » Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:48 am

I have a quiver of TS and lately I bought a nemi HP V3 12m. I really love that kite as I am doing mostly old school stuff. Light bar pressure, fast turning kite, mega boost for big air etc..

I havent had the chance to try it out in really gusty stuff so far. How does the nemi compare to the TS for gusty weather.

1) Which one is the more stable ?

2) also which one has the better high end; ts 8m or Hp 8m ?


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Re: Nemesis V3 Vs TS : Stability

Postby sq225917 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:45 am

You will get a number of different answers here, here's mine.

For the way I ride, hooked in, over powered and with the kite just above the water the HP is unbeatable. it just surges in the gusts, it doesn't tip rock and alter the AOA, once it's flat out overpowered it stays that way-perfect. But not everyone wants to hold the 10m in 35knots and that's where the TS comes in.

For everything else I'd say the TS is more stable, it tugs less in gusts, surges less and generally doesn't feel like it wants to kill you NOW. So within it's wind range I'd say the TS is more stable.

Which has the better top end is a product of your riding style. Are you old school point and shoot? Or newschool?
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