Another 9m Cabo Review!!!

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Another 9m Cabo Review!!!

Postby pjs199 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:29 pm

We were lucky to get this detailed review of the 2013 9m Best Cabo from Swiftie on the West Coast of Ireland. Its a careful review so thought it was worth sharing!

My Review of the Best Cabo

I was lucky enough at the weekend to be able to demo Bests’ new ‘wave’ kite the Cabo at Pure Magics’ ‘Battle for the Lake’ on Achill Island. This is my review of the kite which I hope is as honest and accurate as possible. Everything written here is how I feel about the kite and is my personal opinion only.

I had seen pics of the kite on the Best site and some of the magazines but knew very little else about it until the weekend. Frazer from Pure Action Sports had taken some kites with him for the event and was kind (or trusting) enough to lend me one to demo on the beach. I ended up flying the kite both Saturday and Sunday. Conditions on both days were very different with force five to six onshore winds with choppy, fairly weak, head high plus surf on Saturday. Sunday brought gusty force five to six cross to cross on winds with head and a half to double overhead, heavy, fast waves.

I have been kite surfing for about seven years now. The last two years I have spent solely on a surfboard as I don’t own a twin tip anymore, living on the west coast of Ireland I am lucky enough to get out at least once or twice a week in the surf. I have flown kahoonas for the last two years and love them. After two years in the surf my 9.5, I fear has, taken all the punishment it deserves. I cannot describe it as being in new condition but it still fly’s pretty good and I have seen it being washed around a lot. I would describe myself as normally quite critical and am not very brand loyal. Every component I have for my windsurfing is a different make which is the same for the kayaking equipment I own and surfboards I have. Having already flown and smashed a couple of kites before and with two kids and a house to pay for I don’t think I am in the position to afford new kites every time I take a heavy fall. Durability is super important to me and with the kahoonas appearing to have stood the test of my mistakes in the surf already I was pretty sure I would just replace them or possibly a drifter as I had used a crossbow when I was beginning and it seemed strong too.

When I first saw the kite on the net I though it looked good but to be honest I was much more interested in the kahoonas. I was sceptical about the industry’s push for dedicated wave equipment especially wave kites, but thinking about it later I guess it’s as logical as wave sails in windsurfing.
When I got the Cabo and pumped it up it looked super solid, the struts and canopy all seemed tight and well made, the struts seemed well placed with the main bladder sweeping back and making little end struts. The single pump which seems standard on most kites worked well. The bridal is a very simple affair and looks safe. I am not very technical with kites so this is about all the information I can give here but it looked very strong and well made. The overall look of the kite when inflated was impressive even my wife, who has no interest in the sport said it looked good.

On the water on Saturday I was very impressed. The kite was super solid in the gusts and seemed to have heaps of power. Power delivery was really smooth and at no point did I think I was going to get pulled over the board. This was different than my kahoona which seems to have more bottom end pull. Riding strapless I think this is important, for me anyway. Depower in the kite is fast and total, when I wanted no pull in the kite in the bottom turn and mid wave there was very little pull which allowed steering the board on the wave for the top turn really easy. Power delivery in the top turn was fast and smooth and allowed me to really push the board around. This smooth power delivery also helped in floaters over breaking sections as it allowed very accurate power delivery into the board which helped with a smooth ride over the lip. The new bar and lines were lovely, really comfy and easy to use. The depower strap worked well as did the repower strap and I would have no complaints at all. The rubberised lines were dead handy when relaunching and I would imagine this will pay off in January when the wind gets strong and hands get cold. Bar pressure was light and the kite was very reactive when it needed to be. I was using a 52cm bar with a nine meter and it seemed a nice combination. The kite relaunched very easily and didn’t seem too disturbed by waves breaking around the wing tips, although they were only thigh to waist mush when I crashed.

This is the part I am dreading writing but I have said I will be as honest as possible in this review. I have read enough crap from windsurfing, kayaking and surfing companies claiming their product will allow you to do whatever that I have become very cynical when it comes to believing any hype. I do not believe wearing a certain brand deodorant will make you more attractive to the other sex any more than I believe riding a certain board will suddenly make you a wave star; however this is what I know about this kite and my riding. I have been trying strapless backrolls for the last wee while with about a 25-50% success rate. When I tried my first one on the Cabo I landed fairly clean, yes I thought success. After this nearly every other one I tried I landed too, the kite stayed in the window comfortably and the power was controllable. This was the same for kick flips and small jumps, most were landed with relative ease. I came off the beach with a smile from ear to ear feeling I really had progressed a lot in the two and a half hours on the water. I am definitely not saying that if you have not tried any of these moves on a strapless board you will be able to with the Cabo but I do know that this is the only variable in my kiting. It is so smooth with its power delivery that it just helps a lot.

On Sunday the surf was much bigger with the wind now more cross to cross on so it was waveriding all the way. Again with the power delivery of the kite being so smooth the ride out through the surf was more comfortable than I had ever experienced. On the wave the kite flew exactly where it was put and didn’t drop or rise in the window allowing me to concentrate on the wave fully. The kite drifted down wind effortlessly so much so that when I bailed on a fairly meaty head and a half wave it just kept drifting even when I was riding directly towards it with good speed. Swimming with the kite was no bother and it stayed overhead easily and I could feel where it was in the window even when being dumped on. What most impressed me about this kite was that on one wave I had ended up downwind of the kite. This has happened me a couple of times before and ended up with the kites falling into the surf. My heart pounded as I was sure the same result would follow (I don’t have the money to replace a new kite at the minute) but somehow the kite drifted itself back into the power zone, I was so surprised and relieved at the same time.

To simply say the kite is impressive is an understatement. I came off the water each day feeling like I had progressed a lot. The power delivery is smooth, it is well made and appears strong, the new bar is very, very comfy and pressure is light. The kite turns fast and is easily controlled on the water, relaunch is simple even when getting washed and pushed by waves. I cannot say the kite will make you a wave star or that you will be jumping and looping strapless on your first session. You may not start tail sliding and boosting airs from wave faces on your first session but for me the kite makes surfing easier. It allowed me to concentrate on the wave and really helped with some of the tricks I have been trying. I am totally converted and would recommend the kite to anyone interested in waves. Best seem to have created something very special here. I cannot think why someone interested in surfing would not want a kite like this, but who am I really. I am sure many reading this will pass it off as more B.S. as I probably would. All I can say is try one and see for yourself. P.S. Thanks Frazer for the demo.

If you want to know more about the kite, checkout the Product Page. For more information on demos and events in the UK and Ireland checkout the Facebook group. If have already tried any of the 2013 gear let us know what you think!!! 8)
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Re: Another 9m Cabo Review!!!

Postby sq225917 » Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:24 am

That's good. The Cabo is rock solid and sounds like he's found a new friend there.
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Re: Another 9m Cabo Review!!!

Postby reverse777 » Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:42 am

Cabo 9m = Happy Swiftie
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