TS vs Kah+ for strapless

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TS vs Kah+ for strapless

Postby dbarroco » Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:39 am

I've a 7,5 Kah v3 and i'm looking for a bigger kite for 17knots up. I ride strapless with side-on wind mostly with knee to head high waves. Most of the surf its more steering the kite than park and ride, although some days we get side-off.

I had a 11.5 kahoona but didn't like it at all. slow and heavy, I need a size size for when it's not quite good yet to bring in the 7,5, but doesn't feel like a truck.

I'm dwelling between 10,5 kahoona+ or 10mTSv2 (lookink at 2013 models).

can't tell if kahoona with this size will have the same syndrom I felt on the 11.5. On the other hand some may say that TS this size will somewhat overlap the 7.5. plus I would like to evolve on the unhooked aspect.

I know I'ts the surfer, not the gear, still any inputs would be appreciated as I got no experience on ts and prizes are pretty much the same on these two.

I'm 75kg. did not look at cabo so much since 9 seems too close to 7,5 and 11 too far I guess.
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Re: TS vs Kah+ for strapless

Postby sq225917 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:21 pm

If you check the wind charts for the Cabo you'll see the 11m should be a good fit with a 7.5 Kahoona, you should have at least 5 knots overlap between them, and as a surfer the Cabo should be perfect for you. It's epic in the waves, especially for park and ride.
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