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Re: kite bag

Postby Helpdesk » Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:14 am

Its still me but different name.
The 11m is still in use had done some bladder patching and replaced de front lines attach point ones.
The 7m in mid air a LE blow-out on the stitching 2 week a go.

The bar still looks fine from time to time a new depower coord the only problems are the lines break at least 3 or more times a year on the sleeves.
To safe some money first punt on new extensions and then no extensions before refreshing the lines.

Got My new 8m nemesis HP V3 this week :grin:
Like the waroo back then, the :clown: still find it difficult to pack the ordered colour,
I ordered yellow/ blue and got purple yellow. At the end the colour doesn't matter :fro: .
When I opened the box I was experting a bag pack :???:
A handbaggrrr my kite spot and a lot of other spots are long walks.
Then I read the manual on the site.
:twisted: 3 type of bags. Good you job sales :goodman: but a new back pack will be brand less.

The nemi is looking nice, stitchings look fine but found a strange wire behind the centre strut :shock:
it for puling the bladder in I think because I can see the bladder if I look in the hole.
I think its better when its closed its a weak spot even when its so small, water can go in little pieces of shells to damage the blader or kite.
I didn't pumped it up yet to inspect if the bladder can get a weak spot there.

Now its waiting for a good day of wind.

When do you guys make the cheap kites like the early days for B to A brand should not make the kite more expensive.
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Re: kite bag

Postby choks » Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:23 pm

Hello! I always had Best kites, and comparison with the another bags, y really like to much Best bags. I put in the bag: kite, neoprene boots, bar, pump and the floating very comfortable.
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