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kite bag

Postby BigAir » Wed Mar 05, 2008 11:05 am

Yesterday i got my new 7m waroo.

My first impression.

The kite bag looks nice.
Good things:
- its bigger then the 07 bag
- big front pocket (now the spare Battens fit )
- the top can be taken off (al so dislike becose you can also lose it)

Don't like:
- Miss a bar & pump pocket on the sides
- top pocket to small
- Miss the robe on the top opening to close the bag
- the cardholder should also be on the bag (if the top is taken of who is the bag from, is this person missing?)

The pulleys need to be cleaned on the mall points.
More pulleys so i expect more trouble but that is speculation.

First ride also yesterday:
By 40kn the AA setting was really fast and the power :lol:
I had to much fun 8) to check for more changes with the waroo 07 or other set up's.

For so far easy control, nice bar presure and power you have to feel your self.
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Postby BigAir » Sat Mar 08, 2008 6:22 pm

- not Missing the robe on the top opening to close the bag.
- zipper inside kitebag could damage te kite and don't belong there

Today: 10 m/s (puffs 14m/s)
weight: 89kg
Setting: AA, second knot of the end

Today Alle kite around 12 - 9 m.
7m :oops: is it to small? but i'm give it a try.
All kite easy to follow 8) , jump\air time the same as the other kites around.

Biggest change with the 2007 for me is the relaxed take of ,long hangtime and the so soft landing, the 2007 was much harder to land so smooth.
2007 feels shocky, doens't like puffs (gusty wind conditions) and when looping the kite shape did and looked some time strange.

PP asking is that a 7m? yes :shock: You should look at there faces.

Two guys asked if the cloud try it out for them self.
:roll: , hmm don't like it but they should just feel how easy and power full this kite is.

When they came back they looked at :shock: What a easy kite, so easy to jump, fast but still so much control and the power just amazing, can i give it a other round? (after 1,5 hour on the beach 10celcius :twisted: no way dudes)

4 guys where going to order the 7m and 1 want to try my kite next time.
Yea try like 10min or buy one your self.

Going to buy a 11m to try.
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Postby BigAir » Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:54 pm

Some nice reactions on the local forum today

Other kiter 1:
Your where the centre of interest. As from 14m2 flatkite to your 7m2 SLE sat all kite-measures in between, but nobody with 90kg clean on the hook was kiteing that way with 7m2 :shock: What a kite, so much power.

Now I'm curiosity and we must exchange kites rapidly.

Other kiter 2:
And X(me) with his mini waro?-there on the water! 7m, Wat a beautiful kite!

Was on the water from 11:15 till 15:00 and the spot is between the measure point on the pictures

So you see you don't have to spend al lot to get a lot of fun.

Wax your depower (coord on chickenloop), wax was off today and i see the difference.

Sorry for the bad english
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Postby sq225917 » Thu Mar 13, 2008 3:50 pm

Big Air that rocks, i'm glad you are stoked with the kite, i'm super pleased your friends are taking interest as well that's awesome.

Where do you ride?
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Postby BigAir » Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:23 pm

The Netherlands.
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Postby BigAir » Wed Mar 19, 2008 2:31 pm

Yesterday i have seen a waroo 9m with the new bar the guy had only good words about his new kite when he finished his first session

Today i made some pictures of the pulley's and lines.

the next few day its getting cold and there will be snow and rain all day so now updates soon
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Postby posty » Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:30 am

hmmm, if i leave the struts inflated the extension of the bag is too short. (9m)
and the zipper in the ext. is a pain . . .

on one hand the top comes off easily but when you leave the struts inflated it's just easier to leave the top home.

the kite just R0CKS and invites you to try new stuff all the time or do it more radical!!
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Postby BigAir » Thu Apr 03, 2008 4:34 am

Its now for real a lot of kiters ordered after this weekend the 7 and 9m waroo.
The good quality and price balance does the trick.

This year Best will be a hit becose the nice weather guys aren't on the water yet and the brand change for the smaller sizes is already visible.

Every day more kiters come out of there winter sleep and are amazed to see a heavy kiters with a midget kites going crazy. 8)
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Postby BigAir » Sun May 18, 2008 7:06 pm

Got my 11m waroo today and took a 7m and 10m bularoo for a friend.
Have to test if the kites fit in the bags after using them and update this toppic after some test runs.

Already like the orange bularoo bag if Holland wins the soccer tournament the orange bag wil be a collectors item 8) .

Coming soon......
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Postby BigAir » Mon May 19, 2008 2:12 pm

Today first time using the 11m waroo the kite is realy fast, hangtime ok but i missed some power.
The kite loops so easy.
Afther 45min the shape changed so i put my kite on the ground, bad luck the LE was soft and it got worse when pumping some one heared a air sound, put the kite in the water and there was a small hole in the LE badder.
Maby the was the missing power i felt becose the air sound some else heared started by 9psi.
The 11m fits easy in the bag afther using.
I have to buy a repair kit to fix the bladder so for beter review you all have to wait.

+pressure valves (would be nice on the 7m)
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Postby BigAir » Wed May 21, 2008 3:37 am

LE bladder fixed in just 15min.

yesterday second time with the 11m its just a good kite.
So little bar movement is needed to lose and gain power in gusty wind conditions.
The power is and handeling are good.

After some time i move to the 7m that is the kite that is just amazing, like the other days kiters with the same weight use 14m and 12m.

I don't know why but for now the 11m meter feels just fine but not special.

- mall point on pulley's (that is normal)
-only 2 pulley's roll really smood the rest is roll but not smood even when they are cleaned

+ power
+ hang time
+ speed
+ controle
+ depower
Still some thing is missing

overlapping 7m and 11m to much but need to test it more for now it looks like 7m and 13m match better.
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Postby BigAir » Fri May 30, 2008 5:59 am

I have tested the 11m a lot but i switch fast to the favorite 7m, so i don't know how the 11m is in almost overpowered conditions.

The thing I'm missing with the 11m is the bar pressure, i lose contact with the kite becose the bar pressure is to low for me.
I still have to try other settings than AA.

I tested some different line lengths and i love the 11m with the 20m lines.

Als so tested the 7m Bularoo and seen some pp with the 10m Bularoo.
This kite is also crazy but its a little slower.
The bularoo needs a bit more wind.
The thing a didn't like is the same as on the waroo 07, battens behind the LE a lot of pp ask what the best way is to use the kite that the don't break.

Still this kite is bomb- and noobproof the stitching en extra patching is amazing. So don't think that the Bularoo isn't that great as the Waroo becose it is.

For every one new to kiteboarding a kite as to be filled with air, if the pressure is to low the kite doesn't do what it has to do. Control and relaunch will be harder.

Its so easy to get pp to buy the 7m waroo 08 just let them try it, this week some kiters where testing a 8m Torch, i told them try mine you will feel the difference and they didn't want to give the kite back and one of them ordered one when he got home.
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Postby BigAir » Sun Jun 22, 2008 5:42 pm

Over the whole day i have seen A lot of waroo's and bularoo's even a 3m waroo.
But when the got realy hard there where only 3 pp left on the water.
AA, full power, second knot, wind 43kn on portable wind meter.

This kit is still surprise me every time.
Airtime is :shock:
But with this wind and setup speed control can be hard some times.
A little depower (red depower stap) en you fine to go safely back wen your finished having fun.

Next time i make the kite slower and depower it a little bit. :grin:
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Postby BigAir » Mon Jul 07, 2008 2:47 pm

Today was a good day to take the 7m for a new round. (wind between 14m/s and 22m/s, some times rain and realy gusty)

Started with the AB setting for a change.
i got more bar pressure and the kite was slower, the power flow was different but nice.
The power\depower handling was the same.

Later i used the AA setting again becose i'm used to the setting.

A lot off kiters have a 7m waroo and bularoo now thats good for Best but not for me becose now i have to share :twisted: the water when the wind is hard.

Can't wait to try out the 7m waroo 09 so i can decide if i need a new 2008 or a 2009
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Postby BigAir » Wed May 06, 2009 2:58 pm

still using the same kites.

The condition of the kites now.
1. Already put a new line set on the bar.
2. depower koord is almost to his end.
3. zipper on the 7 made a small hole in te cloth
4. 11m needs new part where the bar lines need to bee conected (see pic's)
5. LE inflate stopper ball missing
6. inflate 7m&11m are bigger but are most of the time oke. some times a little air comes out.

*bridle lines are stil ok.
Still to do:
*have to check the patches 11m&7m
*have to check the connection points on the 7m
*have to check cloth on sowing points

But looks like after almost daily using the kites that they are pretty bombproof.
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