07 Bar Still Alive

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07 Bar Still Alive

Postby Rider1 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:19 am

I just got my 55cm 07 bar out yesterday and was pretty impressed how good of shape it was in . I ride with alot of slingshot riders with older gear also , and they could'nt believe it either . The bar has a ton of miles on it for sure and got me threw the learning curve stages . What impressed me the most was the actual grip material and the sleeve in which the CL line passes threw and the actual CL line it self . The CL line is orginal and has seen fresh , salt water and snow , and it's like almost prefect . My 08 ,09 and even my 10 , CL line showed signs of wear the first couple of rides ? I've also used this bar on everything from my 9 to my 15 . I don't know what the grip material is but it's perfect also , no unraveling or peeling . The grip does seem alittle firmer than it use to be ,I'm thinking that the age might have hardened it up . But when I got it into the water it got alittle of that spongey feel back to it, which was cool . Looking at the older slingshot bars my friends ride on I was thinking I liked the half waffel rubber grip because it reminded me of my grips I used on my bike. The thing I noticed about that was the rubber on almost all their bar's were twisting and delaminating from the bar tube . All bar's were same age , around same miles and skill levels. So maybe there's a fine line between a real grippy material for the bar and not so much ? Meaning that to much could peel the material away from the bar. And that maybe having alittle less puts less pressure on the bond between the grip and the bar itself. As for the CL bar insert , I think the 07 had a fill nylon plastic insert , maybe ? If that 's the case forget the cool looking aluminum . What ever the metals used in later Best bars don't seem to be as friendly to the CL line as the plastic . So the big stick is going back into service with a fresh set of 30 m lines , alittle silicone for the swivel , some OSH handles put on the front lines and maybe a centerline mod I've been conjuring up in my mind. It'll be my dedicated light wind bar with the 30m mile long power stroke sure to make a 15 look like a 9 . :supz:
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