07 best bar question

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07 best bar question

Postby salicac » Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:29 pm

So I am just starting to kite, been a surfer for over 9 years and wake board as well, just moved to the midwest from Hawaii and now kite lake michigan, I just got my first kite a 9M waroo and a 07 best bar. My brother who has been on kite "Best" as well for about 4 years now has been teaching me with beach fly and soon to get in the water. Now my question is, I just flew my kite yesterday for the first time "the kite is used" I think the guy I bought it from has it rigged for unhooked, reason being is the front lines are very tight and the back lines very loose as soon as i unhooked the kite flew great, now on the bar right above the depower lines there are 3 knots what does this do by moving them up or down?

Need some rigging advice... :imwith:
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Re: 07 best bar question

Postby stacey » Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:37 pm

Sorry for the delay in response. You've probably figured it out by now, but just in case ...

If your back lines are too loose(too much slack), the kite won't respond to any inout you give it. The back lines are the steering lines, so if the back lines are too long, the kite won't turn, or will turn very slugglishly. You need to shorten the back lines, either by attaching them to a knot on the backline bridle which is closer to the kite itself, or by lengthening the front lines, if possible, or a combination of both. If, above the depower strap, the front lines are attached to the end knot (the knot farthest away from the bar), then the front lines are as long as you can make them. You won't want to move them down closer to the bar, because you'll just be shortening them in relation to the backlines, making the problem worse. However, if they are currently on a knot closer to the bar, move them to the end knot.

It may take a couple of tries to make whatever adjustments you need to make it work, so it's helpful to have some there helping you launch and land. Launch it, see if it's enough, if not, put the kite back down and try something more. Without getting too technical, with the depower strap fully powered (meaning you haven't pulled in on the red depower strap, thus shortening the front lines even more), when your kite is in the air your front and back lines should be about equal ... no slack in the back lines, but not too tight so that the kite starts falling back in the window (ie stalling, Trailing edge falling towards the horizon.)

Hope that helps.
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