HP Nemesis 2008 Bridle question

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HP Nemesis 2008 Bridle question

Postby kingmatt » Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:34 pm

Hi, I have a 14M, 12M and 10M 2008 model HP and have been trying ( unsuccessfully ) to self-land using the chicken loop attached to a rope method. Even fully de-powered , the kites seem to have enough power in them to keep attempting to launch themselves. I used this method very successfully with my old 2006 and 2007 Waroos. I believe that the VP2 bridle is set up so that it does not kill the power completely- to stop the kite 'jellyfishing' on max depower. Can I lengthen one of the bridle inserts to try to killl more power as it seems the pulleys are right up against the inner end of their travel at full depower?

I am thinking this because there used to be a mod on the forum for 2006 Waroos to place a 'stopper knot' in the bridle to stop the pulley from moving too far and this kept some power in the kite. Anyone at Best have any thoughts or recommendations on this please. Also I would like to check the exact length of the inserts for easch HP model I have- any info on bridle lengths please??

Many thanks, :prayer:

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