Lord of the Winds Showdown - BEST team takes podium

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Lord of the Winds Showdown - BEST team takes podium

Postby Lia » Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:36 am

Location: Los Barriles, Mexico
By: Kris Kinn

Day 2

What an exciting start to the morning with the Men’s Downwind Slalom! BCS was killing it in every heat, winning in boots, finless with the Profanity board! Jim Bison was also representing with his Best short stick and they were both on a 12 m Taboos! The final race results were Sean Farley 1st, Jim Bison 2nd, and Brian Smith 3rd. As for my race, I put up a 12m Taboo also, but I was so overpowered I made two mistakes falling once even losing my board! Nevertheless I put the hammer down and caught the third place back just at the finish line hauling over so fast I thought I was going to drag up the beach!

The skipper’s meeting for the course race was then held at 1pm. The course was a lot shorter than everyone anticipated, so for the first race I was the only girl out of five riding a proper race board! Even though the conditions were difficult, with large swells and very choppy, I came in second in the first race, due to making some mistakes on the downwind leg. After running the course once, the next two races were a success and I finished 1st! After running four races, all two laps each, we were totally beat by the end of the day. It was an early night for all of us, to get ready for a full day tomorrow with another long day of competition!

Day 3

Today, skipper’s meeting was held at 10am which gave everyone a little more time to recover from the Bikini Contest and party at our neighbor Hotel Vela the night before. The long distance course race was set for the morning with 1st possible start at 11:30, and as we watched the wind line come in riders pumped the biggest kites they had. This race was a 2 mile long upwind reach and straight downwind leg to the finish. With the wind a slightly different direction today, the position of the start was critical! Racing yesterday I stuck with a port start, which is risky because you are riding at the majority of the racers during the start, but I think this was the key to my winning races yesterday. However today, with the wind direction change I was at a great disadvantage with my port start and it really showed as team rider Brian Smith had seen from the beach. This was a great learning experience, and what a difference it makes to have some instant feedback from someone else’s perspective! I ended up in 4thplace for this race, but with a series of five races now, this one can be dropped and I believe I’m still sitting in 1st position overall.

Tomorrow will be a possible freestyle event which I’m really looking forward to! Also, there is always a possibility for more racing, so no results are final until the awards ceremony. Tonight are the finals for the Bikini contest along with an excellent reggae band and bomb fire on the beach at the event site!

Day 4

It was a surprise to all the riders this morning when more racing was announced for our last day. Freestyle was on my mind since that was the call yesterday afternoon, but instead they had an interesting course set combining course race AND downwind slalom to count with the overall racing scores! What board to use? This was the question on my mind! Do I use my course board or surf board? Will a better upwind board or downwind board be the call? Well, I decided to use my course board to get the practice, but this was the wrong choice I found when I got beat both races on the downwind leg dropping me from my 1st place to 2nd place overall. I have to say it was a great learning experience for me, and I’m still happy with my performance and endurance in racing the past four days!

Final results
1. Cynthia Brown
2. Kris Kinn
3. Kirsten Ulmer

1. John Heineken
2. Damien Leroy
3, Brian Lake

After racing, they held a final ‘expression session’ freestyle heat with fifteen riders on the water at the same time for 20 minutes. This was fun and pretty crazy at the same time, since everyone is crowded and throwing down in a very small area. There was no women’s division, but I competed with the guys anyways. Our team rider Brian Smith killed it and won this event!

What an amazing first event for the Lord of the Wind Showdown! We couldn’t have had better conditions, the wind blew everyday! I’m already looking forward to next year, with a turn out like this having over 800 spectators on the beach every day, I think we can anticipate this event sticking around for years to come! Great big thanks to organizers Dan Holbrook and Chris Rogers, awesome success!
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