Best Team at La Ventana Kite Expo

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Best Team at La Ventana Kite Expo

Postby Lia » Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:10 pm

By: Kris Kinn
Location: La Ventana Kite Expo, Mexico

Registration Day
Registration was held at Palapas Ventana at 7pm Wednesday night, and as the margaritas and cervesas were flowing, Neil Hutchinson welcomed all the riders while holding our first skippers meeting. This year there are more registrants than ever before, and the forecast is looking great for this weekend!
Day 1
Today Trisha Smith, our new West Coast Rep, and I set up our demo booth on the beach. We pumped all our kites, set flags in place and took shelter from the sun under our 15m Taboo making it into a tent! The wind was pretty light so it was mostly a meet and greet with some entertainment from the local school children and SUP racing. Later in the evening, a toga party was held at the local dive Pablos. Trisha and I got creative with our Best flags and wrapped ourselves up for the party, and our togas ended up being a big hit!
Day 2
Today was ‘the crossing’ a 12mile race from the island off La Ventana back to the event site. We all had to be on the beach this morning with our gear at 7:30am in order to catch our boat ride over, some riders in better form than others from the party the night before. Luckily, with having to taxi over 137 riders, it took most the morning and we all got some time to rest, nap and eat before anyone had to pump up and prepare for the race. Once the boats were ready, and we had our riders meeting, it was pretty awesome to get out on the water at the start line with so many other kiters! Once the race was off it was pretty hard to judge the exact angle to ride at, and not to mention trying to ride as hard and fast as you can without cart wheeling out of control, tripping over chop, which happen to me more than a few times! I really didn’t have an idea of how long the race would be, and surprisingly it only took about 20 minutes until seeing the first buoy marking the last downwind mile of the race. Five of us women all finished in close time to one another, with Kirsten Ulmer taking the 5 year title away from Marie Leclerc! The Big Air/Old school competition was held later, after giving us an hour or so to recover from the race. With quite a few riders participating, they were only able to get through the first round before the wind began to die off around 4 o’clock. My first heat was successful and I passed through, but with never practicing big air or old school moves, I don’t expect to stand on the podium for this event. Although, it was pretty fun to practice some dead-mans and one footers before my heat.
Tonight’s entertainment is at the event site, an awesome Reggae band that also played at Lord of the Wind Showdown and totally jammed!
Day 3
Today the wind was looking perfect to finish up the Big Air competition and move on to the course racing. The first heats began at noon, and it was an exciting semi final and final to watch as riders pushed the limits and really got the crowd excited! The first course race began at 2:30, and with a short course set, flags at the start line would show either a one, two or three lap race. They held a total of 4 races this afternoon switching between one and two laps races. I won the first race and came in 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the next races holding my position in 3rd place overall. Meanwhile, Trisha was busy with demos throughout the day and everyone was totally excited about our new Taboos! Tonight at the event site we had a professional Mexican wrestling match, what a hilarious show they put on! They set up the ring and seating surrounding the match right on the beach and all wrestlers had to be wearing masks and body suits of some kind making an interesting and very entertaining show!
Day 4
Today the wind was very light, but still enough to hold more course racing. I was hoping to move up into the 2nd or even 1st position having an advantage with my course board and the 15m Taboo, but the other girls were prepared as well, so after holding 5 more races today, I managed to hold on to my 3rd position, and was very happy with my performance in the difficult light wind conditions! After the final race, they moved a kicker into the water for a final expression session but unfortunately the wind was still a little too light and only a couple riders managed to get a good hit. I had a nice session on the 15m Taboo, and it felt great to land some freestyle tricks for the crowd before the end of the event!
The awards ceremony was held at Pizza Vela with a great band and fire dancers! I ended up 3rd place in the Course Race, and had a great time here at my first La Ventana Classic! All the feedback from our new Taboos was excellent, and the wind was awesome making this a great successful event!
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