TS2 or Cabo to replace Nemi 09 Quiver

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TS2 or Cabo to replace Nemi 09 Quiver

Postby jemstu » Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:40 am

Hi Guys,

Just about to upgrade my 09 Nemi 10m and 8m and want opinions on what to go for. Ride in Perth mostly and do downwinders from City Beach. Wind is typically 18-23 knots and some days of 25-30 kts. 94kgs and ride a 5'11" North Wham. Mostly we don't get decent waves, generally smaller shore-break and can be quite shallow.

As an ex-windsurfer I like to ride powered up and use the kite when surfing. Also have a Toxic Wave2 (mutant) and a twin tip that I ride occasionally on flat water.

Looking at a 10m and 7m TS2 or a 7m and 11.5m Cabo - opinions please.
I like a bit of bar pressure as used to ride C kites from 2000 - 2008 and like the feel of where the power is.
Hate the no-pressure feel of some kites (Core etc)

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