Which TS (9,10?) to complete my Kahoona V3 7.5 + 11.5 setup?

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Which TS (9,10?) to complete my Kahoona V3 7.5 + 11.5 setup?

Postby przemjaskier » Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:02 am


Last season most of the time I was riding Kahoona v3 size 11.5. In 8/10 cases more or less overpowered, but 7.5 was simply not flyable for these sessions... So in last whole year c.a. 25 of 30 sessions I was riding 11.5. Now I want to complete my set with a TS that will allow me to ride in situations when normally I would go overpowered on 11.5...

Normally I would go for 9.5 Kahoona but I really want to try the new TS V2 this year...

The question is: by your experiences - which TS is in the middle between 7.5 and 11.5 Kahoonas? 9 or 10? If 7.5 was not enough for most cases, maybe TS 9 will be not the best choice and should I go for the size 10?
What is the relation between Kahoona and TS sizes?

I simply want to buy a Kite that will be my main machine for this year. On the other hand I plan 3 weeks on Fuerteventura for this year. TS 10 may be waay to much for these conditions... Right?

What do you think?
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