Help ur felow kiter win this video contest-all shot on gopro

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Help ur felow kiter win this video contest-all shot on gopro

Postby thiago1029 » Tue May 14, 2013 11:21 am

My name is Thiago and I'm a kiter from Brazil now living in the US. You probably already seen some of my videos here. E.G: "The Executive Kitesurfer"

I hope you're all doing well. I need your help in tapping into your awesome network of friends to help me win this video contest. I'm a finalist in this Wild Kingdom competition and I need a few thousands of votes. Can you help me make this go viral? I shot all these with my gopro’s while on kite trips and other trips as well. Lot’s of action shots.

Mutual of Omaha launched an online video contest to find their next ‘wild guide’. A friend of mine pushed me to submit my entry and... what you know? They picked me as one of the finalist! I can get to host one of my favorite shows! 

Public voting started last Friday and that’s where you can help me. I’ve been bugging friends and family to go drop me a vote. But I need to do more than just ask my friends to simply vote.

So here’s my simple 2 step plan that I’m asking my friends in order make this video go viral. I wonder if you can help me with your vast network. But first watch my video to see if you even like it. I guarantee you will. :)

1-Ask some close friends to go in and vote. Once today and Once tomorrow. (Voting ends May 23th).
2-Ask each one of these friends to share the voting pitch with just 3 of their own friends.
That’s it! Are you up for it?Also, posting the pitch in your facebook wall, blogs, twitter etc...will help tremendously as well.

Here’s the link:

Unfortunately, there’s no direct link to the video. They have to go to the site and browse to find my video and vote.But it’s super easy.

You can vote daily. One vote every 24hrs until May 23th. But you can vote from different devices too and they will count. For instance, ipads, phones different computers and even different browsers.
Thank you so much in advance.

Much love,

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Re: Help ur felow kiter win this video contest-all shot on g

Postby jumarcil » Thu May 16, 2013 8:41 am

Nice clip; not much kite though :-) I voted !
Driven by Wind ;-)
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