kiteloop on kahoona 7.5v3

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kiteloop on kahoona 7.5v3

Postby nunoborgesoliveira » Fri May 17, 2013 3:03 pm

Hello all, just some advice. i made kiteloops im my 9m waroo 2009 without problems...kite looped quick and i had confidence. not len10 ML but high KL.
since i have a kahoona 7.5 v3 something is wrong. kite turns slow with drag, and looks like does not want to complete the loop.
i am not so noob, so i now i have equal 21m lines, i also insert more rear line knots in order to make it quicker BUT i still can't proper kiteloop as i did in the past! i am also using a 50cm bar. is it ME or it is the kahoona that is really slow!
it is the most disapointing feeling when you go out on 30knots day and can't kiteloop !! :cry: thanks for any tips
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